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Innovative Personal Firewall

Included in Privacy Fusion is the Innovative Personal Firewall.

This utility keeps your computer shielded from hackers by blocking all unsolicited network connections and traffic in and out of your computer without affecting your daily web surfing!

In addition to making your computer invisible, it gives you a full control over what programs on your computer gain access to the Internet.

The Ultimate Firewall Protection!

Do you need a Firewall?
You need a personal Internet firewall if you can say 'yes' to any of the following:

- Your computer's files need to be accessed remotely across the Internet.
- You are operating any sort of Internet server such as Personal Web Server.
- You use any sort of Internet-based remote control or remote access program such as PC Anywhere, Lap-link or Wingate.
- You want to properly and safely monitor your Internet connection for intrusion attempts.
- You want to pre-emptively protect yourself from compromise by 'inside the wall' Trojan horse programs like NetBus and Back Orifice.

This Firewall protection is especially useful for users with "always-on" connections such as DSL or Cable modem. Such connections use a static IP address that makes them especially vulnerable to potential hackers .

FeaturesPrivacy Fusion Personal Firewall
Excecutive Features!
One click activate! Full Automatic protection - works silently in the background!
4-level packet filter firewall protection for the local network / dial up/ ASDL and cable modem connections
Real Time Transmission statistics
Global lock immediately shuts down all Net access
Define & enforce trusted zones
Alerts for denied network connection attempts
3-level program control intercepting connection attempts by any program on your computer
Automatic lock shuts down internet access after specified period of inactivity
Extremely user friendly and easily configurable!

Often compared to anti-virus applications, personal firewalls work in the background at the device (link layer) level to protect the integrity of the system from malicious computer code by controlling Internet connections to and from a user's computer, filtering inbound and outbound traffic, and alerting the user to attempted intrusions.

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